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Report: The Internet of Things Set to Reshape E-commerce

Every connected object in the future holds the potential to double into a commerce channel, a trend that is set to fundamentally reshape e-commerce, allowing it to stretch across the entire breadth of the customer journey, according to VisionMobile’s latest report ”The Commerce of Things”.

Evolving in parallel until now, the Internet of Things (IoT) and e-commerce, both fast-growing markets, are now set to share a common journey. This development entails opportunities for brand owners and consumers alike.

But while e-commerce is already the biggest revenue generator among mobile developers today, only a small minority have actually seized that opportunity, according to VisionMobile’s 9th Developer Economics survey of more than 13,000 software developers globally, conducted in May 2015. VisionMobile expects however that developers’ interest in e-commerce will grow, driven by off-the-shelf fulfillment and payment platforms.

The report also showcases a number of examples of frictionless e-commerce services including Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) and Pinterest’s buyable buttons.

The authors of the report:

Want to know more about VisionMobile’s latest report ”The Commerce of Things”?

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