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Business Sweden’s Recipe for Entering the US Market

Do your homework, adapt to the market, secure funding, secure local and cross-sea talent and use your US experience to grow globally. These are five success factors for expanding in the US and the global ICT marketplace Business Sweden identified in its newly released report ”Next generation Swedish unicorns”. The study includes some interesting facts about doing business in the US, Sweden’s ICT sector as well as Sweden’s business involvement in the US. We highlighted some below.

  • Increase in median US angel seed valuation in 2015: 33 percent
  • Share of VC funding taking place in the US in 2015: 68 percent
  • Sweden accounted for over 26 percent of billion dollar exits in the European Union in the past ten years.
  • Swedish foreign direct investment in the US: 56 billion USD
  • US jobs created by Swedish foreign direct investments: 330,000
  • The US is Sweden’s fourth largest export market.
  • Sweden is the 11th largest investor in the US.


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